The billionaires behind Agenda 21, who control the UN and the World Economic Forum want to have zero carbon emissions by 2050 and they mean business.

They are already phasing out gasoline and Diesel engines, they want to end the commercial airline industry, transoceanic shipping; to end all small farms and the farming of animals.

The Ice Age Farmer tells us, “You’re going eat bugs and lab-grown ‘clean’ meat. You’re going to up-cycle food that was food waste and you’re going to eat that, too now. Circular economy, there’s no such thing as garbage, we just turn it into something else, now.

“You’re going to have a social credit score based on how well you perform. If you take your vaccines and if you don’t throw away too much food, based on all that surveillance and based on your Sunday worship of Gaia, then maybe you’ll get a little bit of fake meat this week, some of the Soylent Green.”

There is an army of tens of thousands of technocrats executing on every single vector of this, as we speak and the Biden administration is working furiously to implement it all.

The Ice Age Farmer shows us all of their reports and initiatives, showing us how they plan to make it happen, so that we can figure out how to stop them.