51 Health Benefits of Red Onions

Onion is one of the most important item and can be found in almost every kitchen in every part of the world. Onion can be separated to the culinary field and without onion seems some dish can not be cooked perfectly. The bulb of the onions has special characteristic and pungent taste and scent. It is used to make soup, sauces, stew, and other food seasoning.

red onionsThe red onion usually used to make pickle with vinegar and it posses many health benefits to the body. It is believed that onion originated from central Asia especially Iran and Pakistan. People has cultivated onion since ancient time exactly from 5000 years ago. Ancient Egyptian use onion to pay the worker which built pyramid and onions also placed in the tombs of their king including the tomb of  Tutankhamen.


Since 6BC onion has popular as condiment in most types of food in India and later spread to Europe and other parts of the world. The word onion derived from the word Onion since onion has many layers which comes together in one bulb.

Onion which in scientific field called as Allium cepa is plant from family Liliaceae. There are lots of varieties of onion and one of them is red onion. Red onion is An onion variety which has purple red skin and white rings of flesh. Red onions are usually have medium to large size. The flavor of red onion is mild and sweet while the texture is crisp. Red onion is type of onion that can be eaten raw and they also used to add some color to the dishes. Red onion can also be grilled, fry or saute during cooking process.

Nutritional Facts

Red onion contains vitamin C, B6, biotin, chromium, calcium and dietary fiber. In addition, they contain a good amount of folic acid and vitamin B1 and K. In One hundred grams serving of red onions of serving contains 44 calories. Most calories comes from complex carbohydrates. Red onion also contains dietary fiber with 1.4gr for every 100 gr. Red onions just like other types of onion contain an enzyme called alliinase, which is released when the red onion being cut ir crushed. This is the substance that causing people cry or running tears when they cutting or crushing it.

Red onion is onion types with highest contains of pigment or known as flavonoid. This flavonoids is important as antioxidant within the body together with quercetin. Other compounds that can be found in red onion is sulphur. Red onion contains high amount of sulphur and it has positive effect to the body organ especially for the liver. Sulphorous food like red onion is best to be mixed with any types of food protein because sulfur can enhance the amino function especially that affecting nerve and brain.


Health Benefits of Red Onions

Since red onion contains high amount of nutrient, it can give great benefits to us when we consume it regularly. Check the explanation below and found the benefits of red onion

1. Reduce cholesterol


Health Benefits of Red Onions could reduce your cholesterol lever in fast ways. Red onion contains high amounts of quercetin which has effect in lowering bad cholesterol or LDL ( Low Density Lipoprotein) by increasing the level of good fat of known as HDL ( High Density Lipoprotein). Quercetin is a compond of flavonoids that well known as a strong antioxidant.

2. Prevent atherosclerosis

Red onion can reduce cholesterol level and it also block the cholesterol from entering the arteries wall. This may prevent the development of plaque inside the blood vessel lining and reduce the risk of heart disease.


3. Fight inflammation

Red onion is best source of quercetin among other types of plant based food. Quercetin in red onion didn’t only reduce cholesterol level but also has strong anti-inflammatory effect. It can reduce inflammation and prevent the body from several disease which caused by inflammation.

4. Help immune system function

Antioxidant content in Allium cepa or red onion can significantly protect the body cells from any damage that caused by free radicals. It also strengthen the immune system function and make them work more efficient.

5. Detoxify the body

Red onion contains high amount of sulfur that can help to detoxify the body by latch to the heavy metal such as mercury, cadmium, lead and etc. Red onion also contain vitamin C that can help to purify the blood by removing lead, cadmium and arsenic from the body. It is sure that onion is one of best food to protect the body from harmful substance.

6. Lower blood pressure

Red onion can prevent blood clotting and it has same effect to other blood thinner prescription drug. Many cardiologist will suggest their patient to include the red onion into their prescription or diet since they have great benefits in keeping cardiovascular system

7. Prevent cancer

Many studies have been proved that antioxidant in red onion can prevent cancer by reducing DNA damage which caused by free radicals. Study also found that onion can destroy tumor cell in the experimental tube and most amazing things that onion extract can fight cancer cells especially in leukemia case. Red onion can prevent from almost any types of cancer especially colon and laryngeal cancer.

8. Prevent diabetes

Red onions have also been shown to have a significant blood sugar lowering action, even comparable to some diabetes prescription drugs. The sulfur and allycin components of red blood cells also can increase insulin sensitivity and prevent from hyperglycemia.

9. Treat asthma

Red onion has been known since long time can treat and cure asthma. Red onions contains active compound which can inhibit the substance that trigger bronchial muscle spasm and it also has calming effect to relax the respiratory muscle.

10. Fight bacterial infection

Red onions contains many active substance that have antibacterial properties. It is effective to fight the infection of Salmonella and E. Coli bacteria which can cause several health problem in human body including diarrhea.

11. Cure fever and cold

Do you ever try to rub your body, neck or forehead with red onion when you feel sick? Red onions contains active phytochemical that can reduce the effect of fever and prevent cold. Some people believe that by putting a bowl full of red onion they can be avoided by getting flu and yet many people have proven and realized it.

12. Reduce pain in arthritis

Since it contains anti inflammatory properties, red onion can be helpful in reducing pain that caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis is an autoimmune disease that mostly attack the joint and causing severe pain. Consuming red onion daily can help to reduce the pain of arthritis by inhibiting the enzyme inside body which trigger joint pain.

13. Remove acne and dark spot on skin

Red onions pigment or flavonoid and antioxidant within the flesh can reduce the appearance of dark spot on skin and it has been a popular trick which is used by many people since long ago. Onion can prevent acne because it contains anti-bacterial effect and also get rid of the dark spot that caused by acne scar.

14. Relieve toothache

Placing a piece of onion on tooth can help to relieve toothache. Red onion contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can get rid of bacteria which causing toothache and also calming the nerve inside the gum.

15. Improve brain function

Red onions contains high amount of sulfur that can enhance the amino acid components that required in the brain and nervous system function. Consuming red onion a day can help to maintain healthy brain cell and improve memory.

16. Cure menstrual disorder

Consuming raw onion before menstruation period is believed can treat and prevent menstrual disorder in women.

17. Prevent hair loss

Red onion juice can help to promote hair growth by nourish the hair root and provide it with sulfur that is needed in hair cell formation. This is one of the prominent benefits of red onion that has been practiced by many people around the world and it also can treat baldness. Just rub the hair scalp with red onion juice regularly and watch the difference after some weeks.

18. Prevent HIV

it is maybe one of the most fascinating benefits of red onion. Study shown that red onion can prevent HIV infection by inhibit the vpr function or virus replication process within the body.

19. Relieve stomach upset

If you get sick feeling inside your tummy you can consume raw red onion to improves your digestion and promotes gastric juice production. Red onion used to be rubbed on stomach skin to cure stomach problem especially in children.

20. Treat morphine withdrawal

Health Benefits of Red Onions could be best spices for morphine withdrawl treatment. Study proven that red onion can help to reduce the effect of morphine withdrawal and help to fight against morphine addiction.

21. Cure nose bleeding

Red onion can help to cure nose bleeding since it has anti inflammatory effect to the blood vessel. Simply rub the onion on the nose and wait for the effect in some minutes.

22. Cure burnt skin and insect bites

Red onion juice can simply cure the burnt and wound that caused by insect like ant or bee bite. Just grate or crush the onion then apply on the skin. It may cause burning sensation feeling on skin but don.t worry because it can be really effective to cure such problem.

23. Protect liver from damage

The high sulfur contents of red onion can help to detoxify the blood and the body from harmful substance that will help the liver function while also protect it from damage.

24. Induce good sleep

Red Onions benefits is best to get high quality sleep. Red onion have calming effect to the nerve and it also can promotes good sleep as well as treat insomnia.

25. Maintain healthy bones

Red onions contains Gamma L Glutamyl that can maintain healthy and strong bones by inhibiting the activity osteoclast (cells which break down the bones).

26. Increase appetite

Red onion has great flavor and it contains glutamic acid that can enhance the flavor of the dish. This natural food additive can increase appetite in people who are under medication and have less appetite.

In traditional medication red onion also used to cure :

  1. Headache
  2. Sore throat
  3. Skin allergy
  4. Dysuria
  5. Urinary infection
  6. Eyes problem
  7. Ear infection
  8. Impotence
  9. Dysentry
  10. Fatigue
  11. Corns
  12. Phlegm
  13. Haemorrhoids
  14. Jaundice
  15. Chest congestion
  16. Vomiting
  17. Heat stroke
  18. Melasma
  19. Night blindness
  20. Motion sickness
  21. Skin rash
  22. Dizziness
  23. Renal stones
  24. Scurvy
  25. Fungal Infection

Side Effect of Red Onion

Everything is good if it is not consumed or used excessively. Excessive usage of red onions can cause unpleasant body odor, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, heartburn and flatulence. People who taking anti coagulant medicine must ask doctor before consuming red onion. It is also must be noted that red onion consumption may interfere with blood thinning medicine such as warfarin. Red onion is save to be consume during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Tips to Consume Red Onion

Red onion has many benefits to health and you must know how to purchase, store and consume it savely. Check the tips below

  • Onions are available in market whole year and purchase only fresh onion to get the more benefits but you can also purchase the dried or frozen and even canned onion for culinary purposes
  • Choose hard, firm and dry bulb. The skin around red onion must be shiny and has cracky feeling
  • Avoid to purchase red onions whic wet and habe soft textures on the neck area. Remember to also avoid hollow onion with woody sprout inside it
  • Store the red onion in a cool and dry place. You can also store the fresh red onion in fridge for about a week long.
  • Red onions can be sliced, chopped, diced, or grated.before cooked and make sure you peel and wash it before using them
  • You can use red onions in any types of dishes from salad, soup, stew, sandwiches, pizza, burgers and any other dish you like. You can also sliced the onion to make fried onion which can enhance the taste of the dishes.
  • You need to wet you hand and wash the red onion to avoid crying during slicing the onion or there is another way to prevent crying. Just simply place the onion and cool them inside fridge or freezer for some minutes.
  • Red onion can be fried and sauted for maximum 10 minutes while baking or boiling it needs longer time at about 30 minutes

It seems we can’t live without taking red onions in our dish but sometime we didn’t realized that they got tons of benefits. Enjoy your cooking time, and always mix the onion with healthy meal stuff.