43% of Investors Interested in Bitcoin Are Women, Grayscale Finds


A new study conducted by Grayscale has found that 43% of investors interested in the flagship cryptocurrency bitcoin are women. The study involved 1,100 U.S.-based participants aged 25-64 active in personal investing with at least $10,000 in tangible assets and a household income of at least $50,000.

It found both women and men “share similar perceptions” of bitcoin, potentially showing the cryptocurrency space isn’t as male-dominated as previously believed. Nevertheless, Grayscale found both groups have a different approach to investing in crypto.

Women, the study found, are “generally less optimistic about investments and more risk-averse, “but see identical opportunities in digital assets. Around 49.8% of women and 49.9% of men claimed that bitcoin’s finite supply may see demand, and hence price, grow.

The study also claimed women showed more education on cryptocurrencies could lead to greater interest, with 76% revealing they lack familiarity with bitcoin, and 93% indicating they could be more open to the asset class if they had more educational resources available.

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