SPREAD THE WORD Google, Amazon, Facebook have all lined up overnight to block all information about the dangers of vaccinations. It was clearly planned out in advance and then choreographed to coincide with a recent Congressional hearing. Google has changed search results, Amazon has removed books and videos from its store, and Facebook has erased …[continue reading]

The HighWire 2020 launch video: who is lying to you?

Thank you to Del Bigree for this first video from The High Wire for 2020. Turn up the volume and listen while you work, cook, clean, whatever you’re doing today!  Please visit www.icandecide.orgto donate to his sponsor free programming. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

ID2020 Alliance: Global Mandatory Vaccinations + Biometric ID Integration

An alliance of multinational companies, global consulting firms, including Gavi or Vaccine Alliance, Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, etc. has been formed to provide a “holistic and market-based approach” to help governments of the world provide a “good national ID” to “prove who you are” because it is “a fundamental and universal human right.” They will do …[continue reading]


A TRIUMPH FOR AUTHORITARIANS Forced vaccinations for all…and that means you. If you think this only applies to kids, you are gravely mistaken. It’s coming unless we stop it. You avoid chemicals, eat organic food, and stay off pharmaceutical drugs – and few corrupt individuals can ruin your life with one forced vaccination. Amazon took …[continue reading]

Lethal Injections | Damning Evidence of Genocide Against Children

Posted on 28th November 2019 by The Bernician Lethal Injections | Damning Evidence of Genocide against Children The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is an independent expert advisory committee of the United Kingdom Department of Health. JCVI was established, in 1963, “To advise the Secretaries of State for Health, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on matters …[continue reading]

Vaccine Mandates for Everyone, Everywhere – A Globally Coordinated Agenda

Source:   Technocracy’s endgame to use its ‘science of social engineering’ for the sake of total social control includes the entire field of healthcare, including globally mandated vaccines. ⁃ TN Editor In the United States, those who are vaccine risk-aware have much to be concerned about right now. More and more states—and many legislators …[continue reading]