Rumors of ‘Frazzledrip’ Back on the Deep Web

Rumors are circulating on social media that the infamous  Frazzledrip video has resurfaced on the Deep Web. The urban legend about ‘Frazzledrip’ is that it was originally found on the computer of Anthony Weiner, husband of Hillary Clinton staffer, Huma Abedin inside a folder containing several sex videos labeled “Life Insurance”. Weiner’s computer had been seized by the NYPD …[continue reading]


A WELL-DOCUMENTED ACCOUNT OF GOVERNMENT/CORPORATE CRIME On June 14, 2000, the CDC and representatives of the vaccine industry met to address a joint problem. They had just discovered that they had poisoned a generation, and now they had to figure out how to cover their tracks. Whether they get away with it or not depends …[continue reading]


by James Roguski The World Health Organization is attempting a GLOBAL POWER GRAB by seeking to have the 194 member nations of the World Health Assembly adopt amendments to the International Health Regulations as well as adopt a completely new international agreement commonly referred to as the proposed “Pandemic Treaty.”. The proposed amendments would make the …[continue reading]

INTERVIEW: Sanctions are doing more damage to #Europe than #Russia says #JohnnyMiller

INTERVIEW: Sanctions are doing more damage to #Europe than #Russia says #JohnnyMiller “INTERVIEW: People in the #Donbas have been shelled and killed since 2014. And they can’t be part of #Ukraine any more. #Ukraine is indiscriminately attacking what it claims are its own people #JohnnyMiller EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

Stomach Pain After Drinking

Key Takeaways Alcohol gastritis occurs when the stomach lining is inflamed. There are 2 types of alcohol gastritis: acute and chronic.  Risk factors include bacterial infection, NSAIDs, prolonged alcohol intake, smoking, and stress.  Treatment for alcoholic gastritis includes medications, change of diet, and reparative surgeries. Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain. Complications of alcoholic gastritis include gastrointestinal tract …[continue reading]