Feasibility study for the development of a common EU vaccination card…2019!!

https://ec.europa.eu/health/sites/health/files/vaccination/docs/2019-2022_roadmap_en.pdf ROADMAP FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ACTIONS BY THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION BASED ON THE COMMISSIONCOMMUNICATION AND THE COUNCIL RECOMMENDATION ON STRENGTHENING COOPERATION AGAINST VACCINEPREVENTABLE DISEASES   What’s the problem with the passport? The move doesn’t come without its controversy. It has been feared ‘vaccine passports’ run the risk of creating separate categories of people in society: the …[continue reading]


On May 1st of 2020, President Trump signed Executive Order 13920, securing the United States’ bulk power system. In the Executive Order, Trump stated that he found that foreign adversaries had been, “Exploiting and creating vulnerabilities in the United States’ bulk power system, and that “The bulk power system is a target of those seeking …[continue reading]

Biden Attacks Farms – Comprehensive War on Global Food Supply – Engineered Famine

The Biden admin’s executive actions in the last 48 hours are attacking farms and implementing the technocratic takeover of food, accelerating a global collapse in food production by paying farmers NOT to grow food, cutting their financial support, tasking Tom Vilsack’s USDA with a Net-Zero goal, changing COVID guidance on grocery stores, restaurants, and meatpacking …[continue reading]

Julian Assange has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize

Dear Friend, Julian Assange has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. This shouldn’t surprise you, because you already know Julian’s motivation: to promote transparency so that the public can hold politicians accountable and prevent destructive, needless wars. Julian has been struggling for a more peaceful world, and he needs our help. The more …[continue reading]

How It All Fits Together – Part 1 of 17

To learn more about the esoteric underpinnings of our current civilization, how the world system really works, and improve your “decoder ring” for seeing how the various puzzle pieces of truth fit together to reveal a clearer picture of the quantum whole of this reality, visit http://www.gemstoneuniversity.org.   This video presentation was recorded in the …[continue reading]