How to shift your mindset and choose your future

When it comes to big life problems, we often stand at a crossroads: either believe we’re powerless against great change, or we rise to meet the challenge. In an urgent call to action, political strategist Tom Rivett-Carnac makes the case for adopting a mindset of “stubborn optimism” to confront climate change — or whatever crisis …[continue reading]

Silver Shield

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How you can help save the monarch butterfly — and the planet

Monarch butterflies are dying at an alarming rate around the world — a looming extinction that could also put human life at risk. But we have just the thing to help save these insects, says author Mary Ellen Hannibal: citizen scientists. Learn how these grassroots volunteers are playing a crucial role in measuring and rescuing …[continue reading]


SHINING THE LIGHT ON ANOTHER GOVERNMENT-MEDIA SCAM As the monsters who rule America put us through another catastrophe of their own making (2008, Katrina, 9/11 and aftermath), Bob Dylan releases a new track that says what we all know. There was a violent coup in the US on November 22, 1963 and this country has …[continue reading]

Summary of Andrea Rossi’s E cat The Mother Of All Black Swan Events

The Rossi Effect! 162 subscribers A brief summary of significant events involving Andrea Rossi’s E-cat. Includes interviews of the scientists who have tested it and their test results. This video covers: * The E-cat commercial 1 megawatt reactor product introduction * The initial E-cat demonstrations in 2011 * The 32 day E-cat test, 2014 * …[continue reading]

2 questions to uncover your passion — and turn it into a career

The world is more connected than ever, but some communities are still cut off from vital resources like electricity and health care. In this solution-oriented talk, tech activist Johanna Figueira discusses her work with Code for Venezuela — a platform that helps Venezuelans gain access to vital information and medical supplies — and shares ideas …[continue reading]