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Drunvalo Melchizedek Birth of a New Humanity

n this next mission, we will deal with the ancient Atlantis, because here begins our story. And that just has to be done, because that’s where our present-day problems arose. Long ago, over 13,000 years ago, human consciousness grids began to collapse and humanity began to lose their higher consciousness. It’s what the Bible called …[continue reading]

What Do They Not Want You To Know About What Is Happening?

Youtube Hunger Games Purge… What Do They Not Want You To Know About What Is Happening? Intro Video: Questions: What’s Going On??? – Randy Hillier: Pentagon to dish out $600mn in contracts for ‘5G dual-use EXPERIMENTATION’ at 5 US military sites, including to ‘aid lethality’: Larken’s Indiegogo: To donate to the Jones Plantation feature …[continue reading]


A hugely inspiring conversation, as activist Michael O’Bernicia of, breaks down the private criminal prosecutions for “Pandemic” Fraud that he is bringing, under Common Law, against all British MPs who voted to extend The Coronavirus Act 2020. These treasonous MPs were served notice at the end of September, and offered an opportunity to escape prosecution …[continue reading]

Mirror Trading International All the Tools You Need to Succeed.   This member portal aims to inform and empower each and every MTI member, whether it be to better understand the MTI model, trading service or optional referral program.With industry leaders that have different strengths and styles, the training team work together to provide a diverse platform where …[continue reading]


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